Reference Book

Our library offers you valuable information in the following fields:

  1. Law (contractual law, administrative/managerial law, family and inheritance law, labor law), and
  2. Taxation matters (advertisement expenditures, enterprise taxation, property taxation, non-typical expenditures, housing subsidies, rental revenues)

We provide you with a number of catalogues with materials on various subjects, expert opinions and findings, etc. From books, articles, brochures and discussion pages provided you will obtain valuable information on the matters of market research and marketing analysis of the clientele.


Our encyclopedia, which includes up to 1200 elements from German tax law terminology, makes it possible for you to get acquainted with the meaning of those terms that may cause confusion or difficulty of understanding.


Our guidebooks will direct you and show you ways of dealing with legal problems. For you we gathered practical questions, which we have also answered so they may serve as examples. Moreover, we have taken into account both the actual judicial practice as well as new trends in legislation development.

Important Values

Lump sums, calculation bases, limiting dimensions, etc. represent important numbers that are quite indispensable in the business world on the daily basis. Right below briefly and coherently we provide you with answers to constantly emerging questions.