Finance and Taxation

Investment is a supreme manifestation of the economic activity.  Any type of the resource allocation with the purpose of its multiple accumulation or future return in a modified form is one of the innate features of the human character.

Target Acquisition

We guide you and assist you all the way through from the moment of setting your goals, investment object determination and legal documentation filing to the consequent  complete investments monitoring - in all the areas such as controlling, taxation and legislation.

Bank Consultancy

Private business establishment, real estate acquisition, land acquisition, business practice or an office expansion, etc. - there are many situations when a person may require financial support on reasonable acceptable terms.

Real Estate

Both sale and alienation of residential, commercial or industrial real estate on the market that is characterized by severe competition, becomes an exceptionally tough challenge especially in the times of unfavorable economic situation as a whole.


Business profitability and liquidity make up, just as they always did, a crucial gauge of the long-term entrepreneurial success. With comprehensive data, obtained by means of flawless accounting, one gains vast freedom of actions and has a chance to get a clear idea about the economic proportions in a purposeful effective way.


For over 25 years we are dealing with the issues of tax law and legislation. During all this time we had witnessed numerous attempts of its simplification on both national and international levels.