Legal Advice Services

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Right of Residence

The right to freely choose the place of residence i.e. one's right to reside at any country of the European Community at one's own discretion, is a vital fundamental right for any European. This condition also promotes economic development of the European community, because entrepreneurs regardless of their European origin need not to worry about their right of stay in any other European country.

Contracts and Counsel

It is widely known that being right does not always mean having justice on your side. This contemplation has caused many types of folk wisdom to appear, such as this German saying, which goes: "On trial and in the open sea we are all in God's hands". This circumstance demonstrates those possible risks that one (not only an official partner) may have to take on in certain controversial situations.

Trademarks and Licensing Rights

After putting a lot of effort into your work you have created something that commands respect on the part of others. You have invested lots of money and much time in the matter that now makes you stand out amongst others. It has become your personal hallmark that signifies value and encourages others to trust you.