International activity optimization


Being a globally integrated entrepreneur, you expand your international activity in such a way that in your general strategy framework on every platform, the most favorable factors would be in effect in a given country. This calls for the necessity of the reciprocal balancing of economic, legislative and technical aspects; as well as adjusting regular changes in your business's external environment according to the needs and requirements of your enterprise. 



Tax Planning


Around 50 per cent of your profits earned (and even more in some cases) run the danger of being lost if there is no conscious legal framework-conditions planning involved in your economic and technical activities.  It also must be stated that international tax planning is linked to the labyrinth of cross-connections and regulations. Thereby, it requires quite the amount of time to only define where the starting and the final points of activity should be.


Regulations and tax rates are constantly changing in the national legal systems. The amount of data that emerges out of these changes puts a specific enterprise before substantial problems that get intensified by the international group structures, especially when it is about production enterprises and subsidiary enterprises.


In this respect, we handle various interconnected problems of any complexity that have to do with international relations optimization; these problems should also be functionally differentiated between totally opposite spheres of income tax, turnover tax and real tax.



Legal Planning


Besides tax legislation, there are also differentiated legal systems that exist in certain cultural circles; the modes of operation of these systems may put an enterprise into dangerous situations and cause devaluation of all economic and technical considerations, if used in an unadvised ill-considered manner.   


Therefore, we are talking about finding the maximally balanced legal system for the entrepreneurial activity.