Client culture orientation

Being an advanced enterprise, you offer key services to your clients anytime and anywhere. You find your target clients all over the world and use the applied information-technology software for the cooperation processes management. The more complicated products and services become the more insistent becomes the necessity to provide your clients with specialists who fully understand the importance of cultural environment factor. What you offer is a trade mark, confidence and comfort that suit your client's cultural ideas. Thus, a client treats the product you are offering not just as a single isolated entity, but as a part of your entire economic system.


Finding motives

From the entrepreneurial perspective there exists a whole set of motives for getting international business subjects (parties) involved in the interest area of your enterprise. They range from close client proximity and cost optimization to vendor management, and they always aim for enhancing the success of the enterprise.  
So far as certain governments are trying to attract and host more businesses by means of their production sites policy, it causes competition amongst them, which can be beneficially utilized by globally operating enterprises.  As a result of the latter conditions, a global firm-establishment industry has emerged, which is often being unfairly confused with motives that are based solely on tax preferences.



Regions and the variety of chances...

Firms may be established in terms of the initial business foundation as well as for the purposes of expansion. There many organizational patterns exist - especially abroad- which is why there is a significant number of small and medium businesses operating there today.

The most prevalent motives for the business establishment abroad are the following:


  • Cost savings in the human resource sphere
  • Close proximity to local clients
  • Moderate tax burden
  • Greater liability limitations
  • Main working capital safety and security
  • New business origination given the business activity prohibition  
  • Anonymity
  • Simplified company legislation
  • Accelerated procedures of establishment and registration
  • Lesser number of regulating and controlling mechanisms
  • Production-cost reduction and wage-expenses cutback
  • Strategic advantages
  • Sales market expansion



Enterprise establishment lies in a trend...

But it always is a result of strategic speculations. Regardless if it is Great Britain, Spain, Russia or Asia and America; be it a Limited Liability Company, international business-center, Joint Stock Company or Corporation; whatever region or legal form of enterprise you would prefer, we remain your competent and reliable partner that truly leads you through the jungle of diversity. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive service, so that you can concentrate on you main business activity.

However: first comes the strategy, and then - the legal form

Annually, together with our mandates we establish numerous enterprises. We support you in your business plans development and realization, as well as, upon necessity, do the work abroad or/and provide you with functioning ready-to-operate stock companies. Besides, upon your instructions, we take on coordination and development of all legal and organizational measures/events and support you in forming the most reasonable and efficient management.

 The most commonly used legal forms of enterprise are the following:

  • ITC - International Trading Company
  • IHC - International Holding Company
  • LLC - Limited Liability Company
  • AG - Stock company


Our services:


  • We consult you on the issues of choosing business platforms
  • We form legal grounds for entrepreneurial activity
  •  We take on trust management upon the instructions of your cofounders
  • We investigate and research the markets
  • We promote products on the market
  • We engage in structure development and expansion abroad