Navigator in the world of numbers


Business profitability and liquidity, as always, make up a crucial gauge of the long-term entrepreneurial success. With comprehensive data, obtained by means of flawless accounting, one gains vast freedom of actions and has a chance to get a clear idea about the economic proportions in a purposeful effective way. On our part, we help you to select those very instruments that will make it possible for you to see exactly what you need to see. Thus, sometimes your horizons may broaden by much and you may see more than you ever expected to.



Orientation tool and a mean of communication


At any moment, proper bookkeeping provides you with a complete actual picture of the current economic situation and, therefore, becomes your main orientation tool for the future business administration; moreover, it also serves as a mean of internal and external communication.  Thereby, it sets premises for the overall success and makes it possible to determine your own position in the ongoing economic competition.

Our accounting solutions stand out for their quality and reliability, and are aimed specifically to satisfy the needs of our clients. The solutions we offer are able to limit the risks from business operations as well as facilitate business navigation as a whole. Hence, we use the technology that allows for the maximum accuracy and reliability and help to work out individual solutions.



Cost of capital and the influencing factor


It needs to be noted that along with banking methods of creditability assessment and credit expenditures evaluation, internal and external accounting functionality/performance becomes more and more significant. Therefore, it is the quality of bookkeeping that indirectly influences the cost of capital of your business.



The basis for the tax calculations


On the monthly basis, bookkeeping serves as a basis for all the tax accounts settlement and all its ensuing consequences that have to do with compulsory payments, especially income tax and turnover tax payments. Possessing thorough and sound knowledge of trade (mercantile) legislation and tax legislation, as well as business economics expertise, we will be glad to consult you on the organization and launching of comprehensive bookkeeping system for your business.



Our services:


  • Open item accounting
  • Receivables and risk management
  • Currency transactions accounting
  • Operating accounts management
  • Banking
  • Monthly and quarterly accounting statements/reports compiling
  • Final annual accounting repot compiling in accordance with the Code of Commerce and International Accounting Standards
  • Systematic  reports and indexes compilation and preparation
  • Rating base development