The spectrum of you business in a glance


In order to survive on the long run, as an entrepreneur and as an enterprise, you must always consider and keep up with the ever accelerating changes and newly formed circumstances in your environment.  This long term success assumes the ability and readiness of your enterprise for any necessary transformations and reorganizations on all levels, as well as precise accounting for the financial capabilities of your business- for in the end all the actions will appear useless or incorrect unless efforts pay off and there are profits to obtained.


This circumstance sets special requirements for the comprehensive examination of commercial correlations, for the reason that the value/worth of your enterprise is determined first of all by the effective interaction of its separate structures, suitable for the existing situation.



Complex consulting as a way to keep today's assets tomorrow


Along with possessing long-time experience, we know the complexities and correlations that will allow you to use those levers that will help your business to move forward in the right direction aiming for the long-term success.


GEMAG supports you in all your activities and in all phases from developing your business strategy to its future implementation in the smallest department of your enterprise. We are always by your side ready to help you and provide assistance in any form you may require. That being said it does not matter if you are a small or a medium business, because the mechanisms that we use are rather equivalent.  And there, where differences come into play we rely on our experts that are competent in the given situation.



Our services:


  • Strategic planning
  • Market analysis
  • Information Technologies (IT) consulting
  • Network development