Risk assessment - is more than just audit


We show you the real meaning of the accounting and book-keeping reporting, and make its profound messages simple and easy-to-understand. Considering that there is a person, or at least the computer operated by a person, behind each accounting entry, we show you how the weaknesses of your enterprise become personified in business accounting.



Thus, auditing entails a lot more than just stating the obvious facts


Nowadays, due to progressive internationalization and concretion of markets, new requirements and demands towards accounting and accounting reporting are being set. To satisfy these new demands and to meet the requirements, knowledge of the accounting alone is no longer enough. Good and correct understanding of different book-keeping reporting standards often enables you to use certain accounting solutions that by much enhance your competitive potential on the market.



Thus, we show you what you can accomplish by means of good book-keeping and accounting


We also see audit as a timely care about enterprise stability, its insurance and reinsurance; and to achieve that we carefully assess the strength of the joining links between the enterprise and the community or society. As a result you receive well-grounded conclusions and arguments on whether your enterprise does, and if so- to what degree, meet the needs of interested parties.


And every so often you receive the answers to the questions you did not even ask.



Our services:


  • Annual balance-sheet audit
  • Project marketability and feasibility audit
  • Application of funds analysis