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Trustee Services

Possessing years-long consulting experience and the skill for our client's interests adherence concerning various economic issues, makes us your reliable partner when it comes to confidential management.


By establishing an enterprise, you create a network of management, employees, clients, suppliers and business partners.  Therewith, you once again reassure yourself that you are not alone out there with your entrepreneurial idea, and that others in this or another way are trying to reach the same goal.  Thus, on every stage of your business formation and development we offer you personalized solutions that make it possible for you to enter a suitable market and to successfully stay there and secure your positions.


For over ten years the number of individuals who choose liberal professions as a career has been steadily increasing in Germany. Be it a doctor, a legal adviser (lawyer) or an architect - almost all the liberal professions has been on the upswing.

Company Formation

No matter where you are - in Great Britain, Spain, Russia or in Asia and America; regardless of the legal form of organization - joint-stock company (Ltd.), international business company (IBC), a fund or a corporation! Whatever region and whatever entrepreneurial organization form you prefer, GEMAG will always remain an independent and competent partner of yours that confidently leads you through the changes and diversity of the global environment.

International Operations

Continually, the role of trade outside one's national borders becomes more and more significant, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, the part of the external trade in the total turnover of an average enterprise is expected to double in the nearest future. Thereby, international trade becomes a bearing foundation of a business.

Succession Consultancy

Someone who thinks ahead is also the one who has the best cards in his hands. Being a born strategist you sure know this postulate very well. However, depending on circumstances, even you may need help in resolving the issue of succession of your enterprise; so that you can act professionally and with promptness.