Business Model
Basic Principles

Today it is quite possible to detect if the enterprise is a qualitatively full-featured entity or not. There are numerous studies, researches, analyses, knowledge and experience available to experienced economic consultants that help them to gain an insight into this core issue. Nevertheless, the evaluation of this sort may also be performed in a much simpler way - that is by enterprise success-factors identification.

Road Map to Business Intelligence

A road map to success shows the way to the client, and the more active you are in following its route, the more successful you get. That sounds easy to do, but is far from simple in reality.

Factors of Success

According to our conviction, which, in fact, is supported by numerous published studies, you need to constantly analyze your enterprise and its underlying business relationship model regarding the following aspects ...

Implementation of Change

Effective change management is an utterly important factor for your enterprise survival. To remain on your feet and confidently stand in the future you need to start taking care of it now creating all the necessary premises you will require later on. Only the one who can correctly interpret different changes and trends will be fully armed and ready to fight for his clients and market segments.