Core of the Business Model

Taking into account that the durability of near all business relationship models is relatively short, constituting five to seven years, and that strategic changes on the enterprise are being planned for the same time period, it becomes rather clear how hard it is to regularly search for new clients and to keep the existing ones satisfied.

What do you know about your clients?

Entrepreneurial activity means practical knowledge implementation. At the same time you are broadening cooperation with your clients and getting familiar with posing specific questions that are relevant for your customer. Thus, by so accumulating knowledge about client's specific issues you become an expert in your client's eyes.

Customers Knowledge

You find your target clients all over the world, i.e. outside your initial field or region. Besides, many times, you make your way to obtaining new clients through your current clientele as they get actively involved into the new solutions development. Since you know your client and its solution offers, you may also say that your client's customers are not extraneous to you. Thus, you obtain new clients that you did not have access to in the past.