Taxes and Your Rights
Tax Planning

Being a globally integrated entrepreneur, you expand your international activity in such a way that in your general strategy framework on every platform, the most favorable factors would be in effect in a given country. This calls for the necessity of the reciprocal balancing of economic, legislative and technical aspects; as well as adjusting regular changes in your business's external environment according to the needs and requirements of your enterprise. 

Tax on Profit

Within Europe and regarding global factors anyway due to national interests there is an immense slope between the rates at which the profits of businesses are being taxed.

Tax on Sales

It is the question of prices that you indicate in the invoices for your clients. These prices serve as a direct indicator of your competitiveness and, from the technical point of view, constitute about twenty per cent of the profit from the turnover and your liquidity. Many medium-size enterprises that are aiming for international expansion omit this aspect.

Contracts and Counsel

It is widely known that being right does not always mean having justice on your side. This contemplation has caused many types of folk wisdom to appear, such as this German saying, which goes: "On trial and in the open sea we are all in God's hands". This circumstance demonstrates those possible risks that one (not only an official partner) may have to take on in certain controversial situations.

Right of Residence

The right to freely choose the place of residence i.e. one's right to reside at any country of the European Community at one's own discretion, is a vital fundamental right for any European. This condition also promotes economic development of the European community, because entrepreneurs regardless of their European origin need not to worry about their right of stay in any other European country.