Insights into GEMAG as Employer
GEMAG as Employer

As service provider in economic- and legal consulting we face a high responsibility towards our clients. This reflects in the requirements and circumstances of the jobs offered by us and gives you the opportunity of a unique development.

GEMAG Business Areas

With GEMAG you can set your personal working emphasis so that it equates your interests and strengths and furthermore you have the chance to work in a sorrounding that will help you grow. As a matter of course we help you orienting yourself giving you the time you need to explore at what you are best.

First Experiences

If you are in an apprenticeship that has a reference to our business areas or aspire one you have the opportunity to gain first insights into the real business practices through an internship.

Job Starter

Apprenticeship in an accredited teaching profession with excellent perspectives and one of the broadest fundamentals in the entrepreneurial sector wanted? Then you are right here.