Confidential management as the matter of trust


In recent years, the demands for and the expectations from the confidential management have risen. If earlier its central task implied such functions as accounting, data systematization and analysis, based on the former enterprise activities, today confidential management refers to a managerial function that is entirely future-oriented.


Possessing years-long consulting experience and the skill for our client's interests adherence concerning various economic issues, makes us your reliable partner when it comes to confidential management.


For you we work out personalized solutions in private capital structuring, which, as we see it, also includes consulting and assisting our clients on issues of legislation, financial and economic law.


All the solutions for any aspect of your business (enterprise, share holding, real estate or investment portfolio) we are carrying out strictly in accordance with your instructions- in conformity with specific requirements (taxes, legislation, accounting, trademark service); or in consistency with specific issues (merging and acquisition, inheritance and succession, business acquisitions, business financing, private risk management).


In a consistent and reliable fashion we represent and carry out your interests (especially on the international scale)! 



Our services:


  • Multi-level administrative management
  • Closed real estate funds maintenance; leasing funds servicing
  • Business share holding facilitation
  • Shareholder's rights and obligations fulfillment
  • Mandate's membership facilitation in the supervisory boards/ sponsorship boards
  • Credit Guarantees servicing and facilitation
  • Sequestrations
  • Liquidations
  • Last will execution
  • Crisis business management/ state of emergency enterprise management
  • Legacy management
  • Funds management