Let us know what your aspirations are and we will tell you what your possibilities are


Before you choose a certain form of economic independence there are many question to be answered:


  • Do you really have a good and feasible entrepreneurial idea which can be brought into being?
  • Do you possess resources sufficient enough to maintain your business in the long- run?
  • What are the ways you are going to minimize you entrepreneurial risks?


In order to thereafter choose the right and most beneficial way to go, you also need to recognize at least the following two aspects:


  • What organizational space you would like to possess?
  • To what degree your entrepreneurial activity is going to become international?


By establishing an enterprise, you create a network of management, employees, clients, suppliers and business partners.  Therewith, you once again reassure yourself that you are not alone out there with your entrepreneurial idea, and that others in this or another way are trying to reach the same goal.  Thus, on every stage of your business formation and development we offer you personalized solutions that make it possible for you to enter a suitable market and to successfully stay there and secure your positions.



Already an independent entrepreneur


If you already have been involved in to independent entrepreneurial activity, you must have sensed already that you are living in the permanent transformations epoch. You constantly realize that due to various challenges of the present time the success of your enterprise as never before becomes more and more dependent on the quality of your products and services.


In order for your products and services to endure and withstand global competition, we help you in search for necessary information and data about markets and their branches, competitive advantages etc., and as a consequence we purposefully obtain much needed know-how and expertise for your business.


In addition, our qualified experts assist you in resolving tax and financial issues; eliminate all the bureaucratic longstops that allows you to fully concentrate on the activities and development of your enterprise.



Our services:


  • Comprehensive consulting on enterprise establishment and consequent management
  • Special problem-oriented consulting services for existing enterprises
  • Contract -base development
  • Finance and investment assistance
  • Investment opportunities investigation; search for strategic business partners
  • Market/branch- analyses; competitor profiles analyses
  • Law and legislation consulting
  • Taxation optimization
  • Office services
  • Personnel leasing
  • Contract- based business management and administration
  • Financial accounting and payroll accounting services