Full speed ahead


For over ten years the number of individuals who choose liberal professions as a career has been steadily increasing in Germany. Be it a doctor, a legal adviser (lawyer) or an architect - almost all the liberal professions has been on the upswing.



You know what your motivation is


Self-reliance and self-accountability, flexibility and free nature of personal activity most often constitute an attractive alternative to the full-time executive position. Furthermore, liberal profession may result in great tax benefits, for the income tax is the only duty you have to pay as a liberal profession representative.



Liberal profession as a special kind of entrepreneurial independence


When it comes to liberal professions the possibilities are truly unlimited. In general, the following groups of careers are the ones that allow for the independent entrepreneurial activity:


  • Medical professions
  • Legal and consulting/ adviser professions
  • Careers in the sphere of cultural activities
  • Natural-scientific and technical careers


All the career groups mentioned above include professions that are officially registered and are, therefore, considered liberal professions by the financial and tax departments -that calls for no further interpretations.  In this case the theoretical distinction is absolutely clear. In practice, however, certain problems tend to emerge mostly because these liberal professions do not always fit in the specific field-schemes or because the boundaries between certain professions become blurred and distorted. To prevent this kind of unpleasant surprises and procedures it is crucial to analyze each separate case and check its compliance with the decision-making criteria used in the field of intellectual and creative work.



Are you thinking of business expansion? - You strive for development


The legal form of a "natural person" (i.e. an individual person) allows you to purposefully engage into a professional activity and freely cooperate with individuals of the same liberal type of occupation. In this case your entrepreneurial role becomes very important as well as your reputation and your services. However, here you should be especially alert: the contract (an agreement) between the two entrepreneurial parties has to be carefully and elaborately developed and needs to be as impregnable and secure as possible for it sets the professional cooperation foundation. In such cases, again, our services are entirely at your disposal.  Furthermore, upon your request, we'll be glad to introduce you to or bring you together with promising and reliable business partners for the future cooperation.



The Prestige of the brand


As long as you are involved in the liberal profession, your qualifications and expertise, for the most part, are quite unique. Moreover, those aspects serve as the foundation of your business activity and become a distinctive feature of your professional independence and self-sufficiency. However, how do you maintain your entrepreneurial assets and make them highly competitive in view of severe market rivalry and other challenges? The answer is simple though - all you got to do is check out the existing law-enforcement possibilities of patent rights and trademark protection. Or to make it simpler yet: you may entrust your experienced GEMAG partner with this entire issue, and be assured that your business is in good hands and all the matters are dealt with on the highest level of proficiency.  



Our services:


  • Contract/agreement development and execution
  • Support in finance and investment activities
  • Search for investment opportunities and strategic business partners
  • Markets analyses; business fields and competitors' analyses
  • Preparation and registration (legalization) of trademark rights and license rights
  • Concept development and data-banks establishment
  • Law and legislation consulting
  • Taxation optimization
  • Office services and personnel leasing
  • Financial accounting and payroll accounting services
  • Information technologies (IT) consulting