Safety through the international trade


Continually, the role of trade outside one's national borders becomes more and more significant, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, the part of the external trade in the total turnover of an average enterprise is expected to double in the nearest future. Thereby, international trade becomes a bearing foundation of a business.



Risk assessment


Due to present-day challenges and opportunities the discussion of the importance of international trade is reasonable and rather necessary. However, there are also groundless preconceptions to be considered. Very often, being a medium entrepreneur, you go on the presumption that doing business on the international market is something only large enterprises can afford.  The lack of knowledge about other countries, their trade practices and habits, their legal frameworks and languages becomes a barrier that leaves tons of small businesses behind only letting them watch larger companies realizing profits. Though, that is not the way it should be!



Using your chances


Relying on experienced first-grade GEMAG consultants, doing business abroad becomes rather simple even for inexperienced entrepreneurs. We rid you off the burden of seeking out the information and searching for partners; and according to your situation from us you receive supporting solutions where we already minimized the risks. The resulting entrance to the foreign markets or the related foreign economic activity expansion will allow you to increase efficiency and enhance competitive ability of your business, which operates either in the field of real economy or liberal profession.


Due to wide range of our international contacts and connections we can show our clients numerous opportunities that will promote their competitive ability on foreign markets. These possibilities include planning of taxation abroad, international enterprise establishment as well as its monitoring.


We will fully support you in the effective exploration of and development on the new markets, protect your business from associated risks and help you to establish and maintain beneficial external-economic relations. Schedule an appointment with your GEMAG consultant today!





  • Translation services
  • Notary certification and documents legalization
  • Trade finance transactions (collections, letters of credit, etc. )
  • Export insurance, currency management
  • Consulting in logistics, warehousing and product distribution
  • Treasury operations and currency management
  • Contractual law and sales law from the point of view of taxation; its registration and execution
  • International labor law and human resources management
  • Conducting international bonification
  • Assistance with foreign business propositions, tenders
  • Placement of your partnership- profile in the international data bank
  • Support in international business management, investment activities, subsidiary companies (branch) establishment
  • Foreign trade activity management
  • Sales- and purchase-risk assessment on the markets abroad