Issues of succession - how to regulate the future of your enterprise


Someone who thinks ahead is also the one who has the best cards in his hands. Being a born strategist you sure know this postulate very well. However, depending on circumstances, even you may need help in resolving the issue of succession of your enterprise; so that you can act professionally and with promptness.



Handing over the business of your lifetime in the most best possible way


Competent economic consulting in combination with excellent knowledge of tax law sets the foundation for any successful succession of an enterprise. We will together analyze your specific case and when planning we'll carefully consider your wishes and needs. We will show you the best ways how to secure the succession of your entrepreneurial assets.



Here are some aspects that certainly must be taken into account when changing the owner of the business:


  • Sharply defining the goals of the enterprise succession
  • Examination of all the possible models of succession process
  • Choosing the successor
  • Assistance in forming the advisory body
  • Setting the terms of payments and controlling tax consequences of all possible models of purchase price payments
  • Verification (upon necessity) of the tax consequences of granting/donating the business; or its hereditary transmission
  • Enterprise handover plan development (setting the date of accession to estate, owner's future role determination, setting the terms for owner's powers termination, determining the duties and competences of the successor and the present owner)
  • Conducting due diligence on the enterprise- on the buyer's behalf, enterprise appraisal



We will be pleased to tell you more about these and other steps and actions you can take in order to guarantee an effective and trouble-free succession of your enterprise. We will advise you on all the issues concerning succession-linked legal relations and associated tax and legacy-juridical optimization. At that, we also support you abroad.


We do everything to turn a risky business ownership transition into a secure and economically-reliable succession procedure, ideally long before the actual conveyance occurs.