Our expertise leads to your success


Do you want to a better return on your money? For a timely capital base formation and its long-term preservation you will need a well thought out strategy, which accounts for all possible and particular incidents and scenarios, and step by step brings you closer to your goal. 


We will be pleased to provide you with the complete and maximum support. Herewith, we not only have the expertise in dealing with tax, legal private and entrepreneurial aspects, but we also possess first grade finance knowledge, something an accurate strategic planning is impossible without.



Fortune: accumulation and preservation


 Focusing on the formation and preservation of your wealth, we work out a „road-map" for you business that helps your wishes to come true and ensures that you have a nice peaceful retirement. We explore and determine your financial needs and then work out and offer you a capital-accumilation and preservation strategy.


With determination we set your capital for the future profitability and provide you with the financial risk protection. We offer complex personal solutions concerning social issues that will fully meet your interests.





  • Complex social and financial consulting
  • Integral solutions development in social issues considering taxation aspects
  • Consulting on the issues of retirement and resignation (including pre-term procedures); assistance with the associated preparation
  • Planning the liquidity and the dynamics of the material property over time
  • Analysis of the governmental, professional and private social provision
  • Gap identification in the social provision