"What you are depends on the three things: what you have inherited, what has your surrounding done to you, and what have you done with your legacy and your experience" -Aldous Leonard Huxley



The right way to inherit and to hand over


Would you like to regularize your heritage? GEMAG specialists will analyze all the existing possibilities within the legal framework and provide you with the most effective realization of your plans and wishes. Our task is to plan your heritage in such way that after the handover you business will still be in good hands and will still keep its maximum worth.


Together with you we analyze your actual situation, and then do the planning considering your goals, wishes, needs, and obligations. We show you all the possible and all the best ways to hand over your assets "pro vita".



Regularizing the future of your property capital


We will eagerly share our expertise on what steps and procedures need to be considered for the secure heritage regularization. We will advise you on all the issues of inheritance law and bequeathing of property, as well as associated tax and hereditary-legal optimization for the devisor and for successors. When planning your heritage we provide you with the maximum legal security. In every detail we will reveal ways to realize your wishes in the most efficient manner so that it brings best results to you and your relatives.





  • Marriage contracts and legacy agreements of all kinds
  • Last will compilation and safekeeping
  • Loan and donation agreements
  • Non-commercial funds/ household pools establishment
  • Donation agreements with intent of lifelong sustention
  • Representation in cases of vindicatory actions and information acquisition claims
  • Letters of attorney, bails and vouchers termination/ annulment 
  • Consulting on the issues of heritage debt liability and associated procedures
  • Heritage incurred shares expertise
  • Consulting on the matters of taxation of the impartible heritage
  • Fiduciary operations and trust activities