For Sale - For Rent - For Lease


Both sale and alienation of residential, commercial or industrial real estate on the market that is characterized by severe competition, becomes an exceptionally tough challenge especially in the times of unfavorable economic situation as a whole. However, we have got all it takes to face and overcome this challenge - that is our professional experience and our outstanding competences.



Demand and Price


It is true that demand determines the price. However, unfortunately for realtors and real estate salespeople it is also true that:


  • decreasing population influences countries' image
  • less and less sales premises are being used
  • underutilization and idle phases lengthen


Despite of all that, we successfully work in this scope of activity; that is determined, primarily, by our first-rate networks and our innate orientation for nothing but the best out of all realistic results.



Our Services:


  • Tender search and elaboration
  • Object analysis and assessment both domestically and abroad
  • Expertise and contractual matters
  • Objects management
  • Taxation optimization
  • Financial consulting