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For over 25 years we are dealing with the issues of tax law and legislation. During all this time we had witnessed numerous attempts of its simplification on both national and international levels. However, since most governments finance the biggest part of their expenditures by means of taxation and their budgetary policies do not always comply with economic rules - all the efforts in this area were futile due to contradictions and interest-conflicts among various interested parties.


In Germany the situation is especially complex. Estimates exist that about 70 per cent of all the European literature on tax law is written specifically in German or touches upon Germany. Striving to ensure the best and most reasonable tax burden distribution, Germany worked out dissimilar regulatory mechanisms that leave anyone from a private entity to an entrepreneur with nothing but a strong feeling of helplessness. One can assume that more and more European governments are going follow this "German method" in the future. 


At the same time, in many cases complex taxation consulting can only be effective when based on the profound knowledge of the civil law. The reason for this is that tax legislation often develops those precedents that obtained their legal form according to the public law norms.


The resulting consequences are, thus, to be agreed with production-economic tasks - that often and frequently is done in the legal plane. From here it follows that a one single expert may not be capable of resolving many issues where a synergy of different professional knowledge, experiences and points of view is needed to work out the best solution.


We offer you our legal competence that is based on the joint work of our consultants; an expertise that is culturally-diverse, internationally-oriented and always aimed at your continuous success.




Our services:


  • Taxation analysis
  • Tax return compiling
  • Specific tax legislation issues expert evaluation
  • Tax assessment expertise
  • Business representation in dealing with fiscal control bodies and financial institutions
  • Restructuring from the perspective of taxation aspects