Relying on the touristic law


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 Entrepreneurial activities involve fast decision making on the daily basis. For instance, it often becomes crucial to arrive to a different country in the shortest terms to establish personal contacts and network.  We can minimize your visa request and application costs so you can reach your destinations in the most direct way and at the right time. Moreover, for our client's convenience we coordinate the entire process - from the initial consulting to the timely delivery of the required visa.


We will provide you with comprehensive detailed information on visa (or visa-free) regime and the existing admission/entrance conditions of any country. Our immediate and competent support will ensure professional solutions of your visa-issues. Clearly, your visa request processing is performed considering all the latest changes and updates in the visa-request procedures.

Furthermore, we can offer you other additional options that simplify and facilitate the flow of the process; because we know and understand your specific situation and your desire to solve the visa issue in the best and shortest way.


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Our services:


  • Assistance in consular issues resolutions
  • Immediate reception and processing of all departure-related forms and documentation (e.g. documentation and forms for business visa, private visa, tourist visa, transit visa, group visa, employment visa, letters of attorney for minors transportation, etc. )
  • Documentation validity and completeness verification
  • Urgent procedures support
  • Documentation reception and delivery services
  • Guaranteed payment of duties and customs
  • Supportive/confirmatory documentation compiling
  • Business invitations to Russia
  • Interpretation/translation services
  • Notary certification/attestation
  • Documentation legalization
  • Representation and support in terms of ordinary proceedings
  • Establishing and maintain ties and contacts with foreign embassies, consulates, ministries and other institutions
  • On-the-spot assistance services
  • International information catalogues
  • Support in the matters of medical insurance abroad
  • Virtual petition tracking