Being a person who has accurately and competently established their own business, you know most important things. You know the market and rivalry laws. Prior to letting your business enter a real-world market, you have conducted researches, produced forecasts and assessed your personal chances and opportunities. You also know that thoroughly planned and well thought out actions constitute a vital foundation for the future success of your business.



But is your enterprise really as flawless as you suppose it is?


Today it is quite possible to detect if the enterprise is a qualitatively full-featured entity or not. There are numerous studies, researches, analyses, knowledge and experience available to experienced economic consultants that help them to gain an insight into this core issue. Nevertheless, the evaluation of this sort may also be performed in a much simpler way - that is by enterprise success-factors identification.


Not every business can be successful. As we know from our comprehensive multi-sided medium business consulting experience, the successful start, development or an end of a business enterprise depends on such factors as financial capabilities, enterprise potential, business relationships model, market environment and business management. This conclusion matches all currently known analyses, also signifying our eminent know-how.


If the financial sustainability of your enterprise is being examined in the general context, taking into consideration every more or less significant factor, then the details and particulars become most important aspects in the process of enterprise potential analysis. Besides that, in the center of our analysis there are such things as an adequate definition and directivity of the business relationship models, strategy and basic expertise, as well as the distinctive features of business relationship models in view the of market environment. We critically highlight and thoroughly examine such thematic issues as proper diversification and positioning on the market, acceptable and reasonable risks, general dynamics of business development and enterprise profitability.

Moreover, we define management quality in order to inform you and your enterprise about the new impulse to build up efforts and endurance for the sake of successful activity on the dynamic market.


By thorough and complete examination of key criteria, we are able to accurately determine the quality of your enterprise, as well as to develop strategic improvement and future expansion recommendations for our clients. Our longstanding practical experience of cooperation with many types of enterprises allows us to recommend you our outstanding expertise, which is to assure your future success.



Our services:


  • Enterprise analysis and strategic planning
  • Legal and economic consulting in the transformation stage
  • Enterprise restructuring support and assistance