With an eye toward the present and the future


Being an advanced enterprise, you are constantly developing and structuring those processes that facilitate enterprise administration. That brings new force to your business and broadens the range of your possibilities for new solutions development. As a result you take on an image of a reputable highly efficient innovator and a pioneer. But where are those innovative ideas coming from?


We will help you in business processes organization so that you may gain the potential needed for your future development.  We will show you how to make progress a component element of your business by means of interconnected checkpoints.



Freedom to develop ideas


The foundation for the future creativity and confidence is the freedom that you exercise.


By means of thoroughly thought out stimulus package you reward the creative activity of your customers and clients, because you are well aware it is them who keep abreast of all the events and quickly recognize both upcoming problems and opportunities.


You also boost your future security by letting them freely implement projects, realistically considering every possibility be it a success or a failure.    


We will show you how to use and realize this type of freedom in a way so that you reach maximum success by means of thoroughly thought out scientific research, technological and constructive process. We will guide and support you in your preparation and realization of these projects, constantly providing you with the essential feedback in order to gradually improve and perfect your innovations management. 



Flexibility for idea disallowance


Flexibility is the Alpha and Omega of all actions mentioned above. Only flexibility makes it possible to promptly reject innovation projects in the case of their unfortunate development before too much money, time and resources have been invested in them. We are aware of this crucial factor and, therefore, we offer you the optimal individual solution concept.


Notice that in your pursuit of innovational maturity your enterprise should avoid the tree deep-rooted myths that can get you off the right track. The first myth is that: innovations have to do only with products or technology. The second myth is that: innovations are the long-term projects. And the third myth is that: innovations happen by a chance. We will gladly analyze your working method and reveal all its errors and pitfalls, as well as demonstrate new opportunities of the innovation process.    



Our services:


  • Innovations management support and consulting
  • Products portfolio analysis
  • Market situation research and competitor relations research analysis
  • Additional income-generating services verification
  • Action-options personalized selection and assessment
  • Innovation needs determination
  • Support in searching and selecting ideas
  • Project diagnostics and cost effectiveness estimation
  • Minimizing the time needed for innovation projects development
  • Process optimization and strategic organization adaptation
  • Product development and positioning