Searching for and implementing potential development prospects


Constantly searching and utilizing growth and development reserves- is the very approach that is going to grant strategic and structural advantages to your enterprise, as well as provide a favorable perspective for the future.



Activate the reserves and use up the potential


An additional market segment, an increase in sales turnover and profit generation are the obvious goals for the growth of your enterprise. A dynamic activity in the research and development field also promotes finding the optimal potentials of your enterprise. But how do you reach those goals of yours?


We will support you on the organizational stage to expand and maximize your growth range, and at the same time to keep an eye on the existing interconnections with the other fields of activity.  When necessary, we will undertake a critical analysis of the general structure and expansion planning, and we'll do it way before you will enter the investment phase! 



Growth and expansion in spite of economic situation decline - save when, and only when necessary!


Constantly and acutely you are thinking through the chances of your enterprise development and trying to fully utilize your business's own opportunities for profitability increase. Not only that you do not mind unfavorable general conditions, but you also know how to pass to the offensive and act assertively in those situations, which promises to result in profitability increase. You know that only substantial investments and positive growth rate ensure medium- and long-term economic success.


We understand your needs and requirements and we provide you with specific help in your expansion plans; thus we act as your guide and both good and bad times! Together with you we execute the fundamental insight that claims successful growth to be the crucial driving force of your enterprise's worth and cost.





The financing of all the expansion orders and plans needs to always be guaranteed. You may have near abundant financing if you choose to partake in various financing and development programs on the federal level, in terms of territorial affiliation or EU membership. Be it inexpensive investment loans, subsidies, tax preferences or other forms of development stimulation- all these and other different options always justify their use.


However, be cautious! You should always pay attention to the specific project conditions, regulations and obligations. But best of all, seek help from an experienced and knowledgeable consultant, who will assist you and support you in the most optimal way.



Our services:


  • Organic and non-organic growth support and consulting
  • Development opportunities identification, leading to the best profitability levels
  • Organizational structures analysis and coordination
  • Optimal processes modeling
  • Support with the issues of financing and development stimulation
  • Financing opportunities analysis and evaluation