Wherever you are - your office is waiting for you there


In the age of Internet, you are basically maintaining your entire office in your lap top or on a flash drive.  We will provide you with anything else besides that in order for you to work in a pleasant habitual atmosphere. We will always do all you need, and whenever you need it. Even in the case when something is missing we will find and offer you a quick solution.


Morning is in Berlin, afternoon- in London and the night- in Rio de Janeiro. Managing dates and times, documentation and warrants, orders and agreements: being a transnational entrepreneur, you coordinate your business processes all around the world and always from the spot you are currently at.  


Since, by representing you in dealing with legal and economic issues, we often act as your prime contact it makes sense that all the matters and issues that emerge during your stay would be worked out exactly in this manner; for, after all, almost everything you do comes down to new agreements and new sets of numbers that we prepare for you anyhow.


Thus, in our subsidiary and branch offices, we offer you a range of services, which covers everything that is necessary for your task solutions and coordination. And if you are seeking entertainment on evenings, we will, with guarantee, reserve you a ticket for the show or recital you are most interested in.



Our services:


  • Virtual office services: office address, post correspondence (mail) handling and management, phone service
  • Short-term lease of office spaces/accommodations, conference rooms etc.
  • Simultaneous translation/interpretation services, documentation translation
  • Support and escorting in terms of interpretation/translation services
  • Notarial services
  • Dates and terms coordination with business partners
  • Transportation services (limousine-service upon request)
  • Postal and express services
  • Event management